Figure drawing, portraits and life studies
figure drawings

Figure Drawings and Portraits

Drawing the human figure, recent drawings, portraits and sketches and how to draw them.Click on a picture for more pictures.
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New! A Treatise on Muscular Action
New!Traite de Perspective a l'usage des Artistes
New! A Treatise on Landscape Painting in Water Colours

Draw the Human Figure Learn anatomy, proportions, and action with these ebooks.
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Cecilia Beaux: American Figure Painter
Figure Drawings Blog
Life Drawing Pet Portrait Portrait Books about Life Drawing
Virtual Pose model Learn to Draw Figure Drawing Secrets human anatomy Academic Drawings
Visit the entire site to see portraits, figure drawings, pet portraits and life studies. The figure drawing page has examples from art history. The life drawing pages are recent studies from a weekly life drawing session. The links pages have links to figure drawing tutorials, figure drawing schools and resources, life drawing sessions, materials, forums, models and other artists who draw or paint the figure. Purchase a drawing from the portfolio or order a custom drawing on the order page. Visit for a large selection of hard to find ebooks about drawing the figure, learning to draw, drawing perspective, drawing cartoons and learning to paint.
  • Muybridge's Complete Human and Animal Locomotion: New Volume 1 (Reprint of original volumes 1-4)
  • Comic Artist's Photo Reference Women And Girls (Comic Artist's Photo Reference)
  • Charles Bargue Et Jean-Leon Gerome: Drawing Course
  • Painting People: Figure Painting Today
  • Life Drawing: A Journey to Self-Expression
  • The Art of Teaching Art: A Guide for Teaching and Learning the Foundations of Drawing-Based Art
  • Learning Maya 6 | Character Rigging
  • Classical Drawing Atelier: A Contemporary Guide to Traditional Studio Practice
  • In the Studios of Paris: William Bouguereau and His American Students
  • Action Anatomy: For Gamers, Animators, and Digital Artists
  • Digital Lighting and Rendering
  • Poser Figure ArtistFigure Art modeling software provides photo-realistic virtual models to help artists draw the human form.
  • Anatomy of Movement
  • Figure Drawing with Virtual Models: Getting the Most Out of Poser Artist
  • Henry Yan's Figure Drawing, Techniques and Tips
  • Figure Drawing For All Its Worth (Hardcover) by Andrew Loomis
  • Frank Cho Women: Selected Drawings And Illustrations
  • Surface Anatomy
  • Strokes of Genius: The Best of Drawing
  • John Singer Sargent
  • The Drawings of Michelangelo and his Followers in the Ashmolean Museum
  • Working Methods: Comic Creators Detail Their Storytelling And Artistic Processes
  • The Nude: Understanding the Elements of Life Drawing (The Art of Drawing)
  • The Nude Female Figure: A Visual Reference for the Artist
  • Thomas Eakins
  • Figure Drawing for All It's Worth (How to draw and paint) (Paperback)
  • Comic Artist's Photo Reference: People and Poses
  • Drawings of Menzel
  • Acting for Animators, Revised Edition : A Complete Guide to Performance Animation
  • The Human Figure: A Photographic Reference for Artists
  • Anatomy Lessons from the Great Masters
  • Facial Expressions: A Visual Reference For Artists
  • Comics & Sequential Art by Will Eisner
  • The Fantasy Figure Artist's Reference File with CD-ROM: Hundreds of Real-life Photographs Depicting Extreme Anatomy and Dynamic Action Poses
  • Digital Texturing & Painting
  • Comic Book Pencilling with Stephen Platt - From Thumbnails to Finished Pencils
  • Boris Vallejo and Julie Bell: The Ultimate Collection
  • The Nude: Understanding the Elements of Life Drawing (The Art of Drawing series)
  • Figure Painting Step by Step
  • The Art of Figure Drawing
  • The Physician's Art: Representations of Art and Medicine (Duke University Museum of Art)
  • e frontier Poser 6 Collector's Edition with Volume #1 Figure Pack
  • Poser 7 Revealed: The efrontier Official Guide
  • Practical Poser 7 (Graphics Series)
  • The Geometry of an Art (Sources and Studies in the History of Mathematics and Physical Sciences)

  • Frida Kahlo at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art
    Frida Kahlo dated her birth to July 7, 1910. It was the year when the Mexican Revolution began and, to quote Virginia Wolfe, "human character changed." Read More >
    An Artist's Drawings Trace an Odd Trajectory More than a quarter century after Philip Guston's death in 1980, people are still polarized by the quirky shifts in the trajectory of his art. Read More >
    Looking behind the paint
    A Walters Art Museum curator takes a look at unusual aspects of Renaissance art: how it portrayed Africans in Europe and the arbitrariness of social status at the time...Yet what is most striking -- though not immediately apparent -- about Michelangelo's figure is that the beautiful woman who looks out at us from the drawing is likely of African descent -- as is the child in Pontormo's portrait and the Venusof the sculpture.. - The Baltimore Sun Read More>
    Buyers drawn to Goya sketches rediscovered after 130 years
    Three exceptional drawings by Goya, the 18th-century Spanish artist, have been rediscovered after 130 years, to the excitement of art historians and collectors. Read More >
    George Bellows draws attention to everyday life in the early 20th century
    Fifty-seven of his works - lithographs, drawings, crayon, ink and graphite works on paper and five oil paintings - are on display in "The Powerful Hand of George Bellows: Drawings From the Boston Public Library" exhibit showing through June 1 at the Portland Museum of Art. - Sun Journal - Lewiston, Maine Read More >

    From Costume design and illustration 
    By Ethel Traphagen
    There are some books which may help the ambitious student in the life class to observe and impress on the mind fundamental facts which it is believed most life-class teachers will agree in thinking extremely useful. Among these are Dunlop's Anatomical Diagrams, Figure Drawing by Hatton, Anatomy in Art by J. S. Hartley, Richter, Marshall or Duval, and Drawing the Human Figure by J. H. Vanderpoel. If the student is studying without an instructor, Practical Drawing, by Lutz, will be found helpful.

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    proportions of the human figure proportions of the head
    the figure in repose femal figure drawing
    figure drawing manual
    how to paint life drawing
    Figure and Animal Drawing

    Learn How to Draw and Paint.
    Instantly download drawing and painting ebooks. Click on the link to see more information and samples from each ebook.
    The Sculptor and Art Student's Guide to the Proportions of the Human Form
    A Treatise on Muscular Action
    Figure Drawing By Richard G. Hattongoto
    The Life in Figure Drawing goto
    Elements of Drawing - Drawing From the Lifegoto
    Anatomical Atlasgoto
    Hieroglyphic or Greek Method of Life Drawinggoto
    Anatomical Engravings goto
    A Manual on Drawing the Human FigurePaintings
    Figure and Animal Drawing Paintings
    The Figure in Reposegoto
    The Figure in Actiongoto
    Better Figure drawinggoto
    Free Drawing - Student's Journalgoto
    An Elementary Course in Free Hand Geometrical DrawingPaintings
    Rendering in Water Colorgoto
    Traité d'Aquarellegoto
    A Treatise on Landscape Painting in Water Colours goto
    The Theory and Practice of Color goto
    How to Draw - Instruction in the Art of Illustrationgoto
    An Introduction to Perspective Drawing and Paintinggoto
    Elements of Figure Drawinggoto
    Practical Drawinggoto
    Drawing Made Easygoto
    Figure Drawing for Children goto
    The All American Art of Cartooninggoto
    The Manuel Rosenberg Course in Newspaper Art goto
    How to Draw and Paint goto
    A Guide to Figure Drawing goto
    Anatomical Diagrams For the Use of Art Students goto
    Kopf-Zeichnen goto
    Artists' Models in New Yorkgoto
    Figure Drawings by Tom Richardsongoto
    Figure Drawings by Grace A. Younggoto
    Figure Drawings by Cedric Fleetwood Weavergoto
    Korperschulung Neue Folgegoto

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    Muybridge's Complete Human and Animal Locomotion

    Anatomy for the Artist

    Comic Artist's Photo Reference: People and Poses

    Facial Expressions: A Visual Reference for Artists

    Virtual Pose 4
    Pose File 6: Male & Female Nude (Pose File, Vol 6)
    The Art of Drawing The Figure: Essential Exercises